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Coastal Paving & Excavating’s fine grading services can help prepare any construction site or land for concrete, paving, or landscaping.

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You won’t find most paving contractors engaged in grading for building pads, slopes, and areas requiring surface preparation for drainage for long-term stability. Commonly, paving contractors grade for parking lots and level street improvements. 

CPEX, however, has years of experience in fine grading and surface preparation to assure proper drainage, extending the life of the work and assuring customer success.

Fully equipped with all the best tools and technology, our crews complete projects professionally and on time. 

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Coastal Paving & Excavating is a leader and trusted provider for fine grading in the Monterey area.

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Coastal Paving’s Fine Grading

  • Core site surface preparation — including excavation if necessary.
  • Layered surface material distribution for proper support and drainage.
  • Drainage planning and channeling.
  • Surface slope and leveling.
  • Surface compaction and stabilization.
  • Paving preparation.

Why Choose Coastal Paving and Excavating?

We are your one-stop shop for all your asphalt paving and concrete requirements. Aside from providing professional fine grading services, we also offer a range of other useful services, including driveway crack filling, patching, parking lot striping, and more.

We’re proud of our customer-first approach to doing business and have exceptionally high standards of service that utilize the highest grade of products and workmanship. We do all of this while upholding our commitment to always offer great value for money to our clients and friendly professional service from the moment you contact us through to completion.

These values and commitments make us a leader in our sector and one of the most trusted fine grading contractors in Monterey County.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, or you’d like to find out the cost of local fine grading services, please contact a member of our team today.