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Our team at Coastal Paving & Excavating will help you determine the best path forward to ensure that you make the best investment for your situation and your budget.

A Cost-Effective Alternative To Repaving Your Street or Parking Lot

While an asphalt overlay does not have the same lifespan as a full removal and replacement, it is a considerable, cost-effective alternative that can be a great solution depending on your needs.

Our team at Coastal Paving & Excavating will help you determine the best path forward to ensure that you make the best investment for your situation and your budget.

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Five Factors To Consider When Determining If An Asphalt Overlay Is A Good Solution For Your Parking Lot

1. Size

The size of the parking lot plays a big role. If a parking lot is small, the preparation work needed to perform an overlay becomes a larger portion of the overall cost. This may result in removal and replacement being a more cost-effective option.

2. Elevations

The elevations of the existing lot are another factor to consider. Is there room to overlay the lot and still have drainage occur properly? To perform an overlay, there needs to be a 1 1⁄2” minimum of asphalt thickness when done, which means the pavement must either be settled that far or milled down that far to allow the proper thickness. If the pavement has not settled at the building, (and there is no apron against the building allowing room for a mill, a section of the pavement will need to be removed by sawcutting it and repaving it at a lower height in order to then pave the new surface layer flush with the building. Sometimes there is a concrete apron in front of the building, and milling can be done along the joint of the concrete and asphalt.

3. Pitch

If the parking lot is on the flatter side, the amount of required milling to make a proper joint to overlay increases. If there ends up being a significant amount of milling, it may end up being more cost-effective to simply remove the existing driveway and start from scratch.

4. Cracking

Any cracking in the existing parking lot will reflect through the new overlay over time. The exact amount of time it will take to reflect varies on surrounding soils in the area. It can take years or can happen the very first winter. The time frame for reflective cracking is an unknown but it most definitely WILL occur. There are paving fabrics that can be applied to the existing surface to slow the reflective cracking, but the effects of freezing and thawing oftentimes will make those cracks re-appear over time.

5. Expectations

If an overlay is desired, there has to be an expectation of the customer that this method is not as long-lasting as a full removal and replacement. A 15-20 year life on a removal and replacement is common, whereas an overlay may last a shorter time, about 10-15 years. Again, this will vary with soil type. Sandy soil-type areas have well draining soil and the overlay will have a longer lifespan than loamy/clay soil types that have a tendency to hold water, making it more susceptible to freezing and thawing damage. If the parking lot has minimal to no cracking, the customer is aware that reflective cracking may occur over time, the drive has good pitch, and the preparation time costs don’t outweigh the removal costs due to driveway size or pitch, it may be a good candidate for overlay. It is important that the customer understands that this is the most cost effective method for achieving the look of a new parking lot, as opposed to doing a complete repave.

Asphalt overlays are growing in popularity for municipalities who want to appease constituent complaints about poor roads. Overlays are a great option for economical road improvements for cities on a tight budget. 

While an overlay won’t have the same life expectancy as a brand new road, they are far more affordable and can help provide better ride quality while reducing pavement distress, noise levels, and lifecycle costs. 

If your constituents are constantly calling to complain about the quality of their roads, consider adding an asphalt overlay project to your next General Obligation Bond Proposal. While overlays aren’t the best choice for roads in need of major structural improvements – they can help add an addition 10-15 years to a road that’s structurally sound. 

Asphalt Overlays for Municipal Streets

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