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At Coastal Paving and Excavating, we provide expert asphalt patching and repair services to clients across Monterey County.

Monterey Asphalt Repairs and Patching Services

Our team has a proven track record delivering projects of all sizes, we offer great value for money, and we can provide you with the guidance and services you need to see any sized project through from start to completion.

If you’re tired of worrying about potholes or extensive cracking, we can help you put things right with our professional patching services. We use modern equipment, a team of highly skilled professionals, and high-quality products and processes to make sure you get the very best asphalt patching and repair services. 

For expert asphalt repairs and patching, you can trust the team at Coastal Paving and Excavations to deliver quality professional services throughout. 

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Is Asphalt Patching Right for You?

If you have an asphalt surface that has been extensively cracked or damaged, asphalt patching can fix the issue before it becomes a liability. Getting your asphalt repaired promptly can also help you prolong the lifetime of your asphalt surface.  

If you’re trying to lease or sell a property with cracks, raveling, or potholes in your paving, not only will it reduce the value of your property, but it can also make your property less appealing. It could lead to your property being overlooked for something that could have been easily remedied.

  • It can present a hazard to occupants or visitors 

Aside from the obvious safety issues these cracks and holes present, it could leave you at risk of being found liable should an accident or injury occur as a result of the damaged paving.

Taking care of damaged asphalt, potholes, and cracked paving is a relatively inexpensive and easy process — particularly when compared to the cost of a claim or delays to a lease or property sale. 

At Coastal Paving and Excavations, we offer superb value for money while ensuring the highest quality of workmanship and materials are used at all times. Ask our team to prepare a quote or call us with any questions today.

Asphalt Patching Techniques

The different techniques we utilize will depend on the individual situation of a project. There are various asphalt repair techniques that can be used to help restore asphalt to its best capacity. 

Many asphalt patching options will include the cutting out, removal, and replacement of the asphalt. Also known as Remove and Replace.

It is also possible to level course or skin patch potholes. These techniques will not include any cutting out or removal of any asphalt but instead looks to fill the asphalt or pothole as it is. 

Our team will visit you to perform a site survey to determine which type of asphalt patching or repair service is right for your needs. We can give you a complete proposal and summary of the work that needs to happen to put things right. 

What is the Process for Asphalt Patching and Repairs?

  • Firstly, we conduct a site visit to assess the extent or cause of any damage. Our team will identify any areas which have failed or those areas you consider to be in need of repair.
  • We will determine which type of repair is required.
  • The target areas will then be cut square and excavated to the subbase of the aggregate.
  • All applicable edges will be “tack coated” to ensure a proper bond.
  • The new asphalt will then be installed.
  • The edges will then be sand sealed with a professional asphalt emulsion to enhance the bonding with any surrounding asphalt.

Where there is a large volume or asphalt patching needed, in a roadway or parking lot, for instance, scarifying or milling options could also be utilized to ensure the project is carried out in the most time-efficient manner.

Contact a member of our team for a quote & further information today. We can answer any questions you might have and arrange an immediate appointment to fully assess the problem patches you need help repairing. 

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We’re proud of our customer-first approach to doing business and have exceptionally high standards of service that utilize the highest grade of products and workmanship. We do all of this while upholding our commitment to always offer great value for money to our clients and friendly professional service from the moment you contact us through to completion.

These values and commitments make us a leader in our sector and one of the most trusted asphalt repair contractors in Monterey County.

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