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Can You Put Asphalt Over Concrete?

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Over time, concrete can become buckled, pitted, and cracked. If your concrete driveway looks like this, you may wonder what options you have to correct the issue. Pouring concrete and repairing it is expensive and becoming more expensive every year. What about asphalt over concrete?

If you’ve wondered whether or not it is possible, the answer is yes. You can have asphalt poured over concrete, but there are some things you should know about. 

A Solid Base

Anytime that concrete or asphalt is poured, it has to have a solid base. What this means in a practical sense is a substrate of gravel. The ground is smoothed to grade, and then the gravel is placed over the top of it. Following this order of steps provides a good base for the concrete and allows water to drain. 

A good base is essential for concrete and asphalt. Without one, the pavement will not survive intact for very long. If the ground underneath is unstable, this can lead to cracking and breaking of the surface. The question is, does concrete provide a good base for asphalt?

Thankfully, the answer to that question is yes. As long as the concrete was poured correctly, it should provide an excellent base for the asphalt. You should also be aware that concrete isn’t always poured over a solid base, as it can compensate for instability due to expansion joints. 

Cracks on the Surface

Can you put asphalt over concrete? Yes. Should you? That will depend on the condition of the concrete. It may be necessary to have the concrete repaired before laying the asphalt on top. This is because cracks in the concrete can show up on the asphalt.

Anywhere there is a crack or a joint, you may see a mirroring or reflective crack appear. One of the big reasons for this is that concrete is built with joints. These joints allow the concrete to expand and contract with heat, cold, and even ground settling. Asphalt is not laid with the same joints. 

Therefore, the natural shift and movement of concrete will cause cracks in the asphalt. This isn’t considered a failure of the pavement. As long as you seal and repair these cracks, water will not be able to penetrate the pavement. This will ensure that your asphalt lasts for years to come. 

The Cost of Paving

Asphalt costs about half as much as concrete. The cost to asphalt over a concrete driveway will be less than having to repour the concrete. This doesn’t mean that it will be cheaper than repairing the concrete. Make sure to have a professional look at your driveway and give you an estimate both ways. 

You should also consider that asphalt requires more maintenance than concrete. You will have to repair asphalt more often and much sooner than concrete. Even with this in mind, having asphalt laid over the driveway is still cheaper in many cases. 

Trust in Professional Service

You should speak to a professional to determine whether or not placing asphalt over your concrete driveway is a good idea. Environmental factors can also impact whether or not asphalt is a good option in your area. Make sure you know all of the risks in your area first. 

As long as you have the right area and conditions, asphalt over concrete can be a great option. If you want to set up an appointment or a consultation, CPEX can help. We have the experience and the knowledge to get your job done right.